Own Some Architecture

Modern Architectural Furniture and Toys

When you own furniture designed and built by the architect, Eric Jacoby you  own something that is truly architectural.  Each product is a layered expression of modern design, fine craftsmanship and and timeless form

We Start with a Practical Problem and End with an Elegant Solution

Eric Jacoby Design aims to design and build products that are exciting and elegant,  that speak honestly and proudly of their construction by expressing and celebrating the characteristics of their structures and their systems – but more importantly, that are well-functioning and long-lasting.

Experience Jacoby

Multi-dimensional expertise. Hands on experience. A passion for quality, detail and organization. 20 years of architectural experience in London, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Salt Lake City. A breadth of knowledge in woodworking, metalworking, architecture and construction. Bringing that experience, skill and passion to designing furniture is what sets Eric Jacoby and his work apart from the ordinary. Products that are exciting, elegant and simple

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