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Textural Design Concept for Furniture or Architecture

Travel Texture You Can Bring Home

The image above was my first pass at abstracting the form and texture of a towering sandstone wall in Southern Utah.  The sketched graffiti texture represents the end grain of miles-thick geomorphology and the structure is the result of epochs an extreme forces. The composite image illustrates an early design concept for a project that hasn't yet been developed.  It may become furniture.  It may become architecture.  It is patiently waiting in my sketchbook to provide inspiration...

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sketch of Blue Mosque with converging lines. Drawn by Eric Jacoby

Perspective Basics

The measurable construct of perspective was developed in the 1500s by Brunelleschi. It is an incredibly useful geometric construct, but using it well doesn't rely on using it perfectly. Before Brunelleschi established the exact mathematical principles of perspective, artists were relying simply on observation to convey depth in their paintings.

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Group of Designer Chairs

The Benefit of Buying Local

Why you should consider making the investment in locally made products. In response to the recent Local First Utah's story about Eric Jacoby Design, we wanted to highlight the characteristics that distinguish us as a local business: Eric Jacoby Design's studio is located in the 9th and 9th neighborhood of Salt Lake City, Utah.  But beyond being located in Salt Lake City, there are other factors which make us ultra-local: We have several partners within Salt Lake City who help machine or finish varying components for our products. We also purchase our major materials from local suppliers and our products are hand-built right here in Salt Lake...

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wooden toy snake

The Best Species of Snake For Your Home

When design is open to interpretation. A few months ago, my family did a small hike together.  It was a super low- key walk up the little canyon behind the Natural History Museum of  Utah.  We had a small picnic, did a little bit of sketching, then decided to head back home. On our way back down the trail, we ran across a snake (which is common on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail)   I took a look at the black diamond pattern on the snake's back and quietly encouraged my kids to stay clear - remembering that I’ve seen rattlesnakes with the very same patterns...

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architect, eric jacoby, designing furniture

Attend Local Design Events!

Interested in seeing what the Utah design community is doing? In the next few weeks, Eric Jacoby Design will be involved with several exciting design events, and we'd love to see you there! September 14 - 9th & 9th Street Festival  Get a feel for our furniture and sculptural toys.  Eric Jacoby Design will be a guest furniture designer at Dara Modern. 959 E 900 South, Salt Lake City 10 AM - 6 PM Visit the 9th and 9th website for more information More information about Dara Modern       September 20 - Art_x_Arc  Eric Jacoby will be presenting Transparent Technology at the Art_x_Arc...

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and made toy prototypes built by Eric Jacoby

Why wooden toys are back in vogue

Several reasons why wood is a superior toy material When I founded Eric Jacoby Design, I took some inspiration from an NPR How I Built This podcast interviewing the founders of Melissa & Doug who told their origin story. The contemporary toy company has become a household name for high-quality toys, often wooden toys. Melissa and Doug (re)paved the way for a resurgence of wooden toys. Why do we find wooden toys so appealing?   It isn’t simply nostalgia; although their retro image makes us realize what older generations played with.  In comparison, my childhood toys were Lego,  Voltron,  He-Man, and NES 8 bit video games. My theory is...

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