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Textural Design Concept for Furniture or Architecture

Travel Texture You Can Bring Home

The image above was my first pass at abstracting the form and texture of a towering sandstone wall in Southern Utah.  The sketched graffiti texture represents the end grain of miles-thick geomorphology and the structure is the result of epochs an extreme forces. The composite image illustrates an early design concept for a project that hasn't yet been developed.  It may become furniture.  It may become architecture.  It is patiently waiting in my sketchbook to provide inspiration...

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Travel sketch illustrating one point perspective. Drawn by Eric Jacoby

Perspective Drawing Basics

The measurable construct of perspective was developed in the 1500s by Brunelleschi. It is an incredibly useful geometric construct, but using it well doesn't rely on using it perfectly. Before Brunelleschi established the exact mathematical principles of perspective, artists were relying simply on observation to convey depth in their paintings.

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