Tectonic - Utahceratops Kit


Build your own dinosaur toy! The Tectonic Utahceretops is a fun educational kit that will help you learn more about a unique dinosaur, and some engineering principles too.

The Tectonic Utahceratops was inspired by the local Utahceratops gettyi (meaning horn face from Utah). It is an extinct genus of ceratopsian dinosaur that lived approximately 76 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous period in what is now Utah. Utahceratops was a large, strong, ground-dwelling, four-legged herbivore, that could grow as long as 23 feet. One of the main distinguishing features of the Utahceratops is that the central horn is located entirely behind the nasal cavity. The Utahceratops was discovered by Utah paleontologist Mike Getty.

What do we mean by “tectonic”? Two things: 1) the dynamic movement of the toy’s shoulder blades are a reference to the geological shifting of tectonic plates; and 2) we mean “transparent technology” - a reference to the exposed mechanical systems of this toy. The Tectonic Utahceratops illustrates motion that is controlled and predictable because of the geometry of a parallelogram.

The Tectonic Utahceratops comes as a kit of parts; however we are happy to pre-assemble at your request.  It is not a motorized toy.

For ages 10 and up. Warning: Contains small parts - not for children less than 3 years.

Assembled dimensions: 3.75"(w) x 8.5"(l) x 4.25"(h). 

Toy designs are protected by one or more US Patents.


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