Tectonic Brachiosaurus Kit

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Build a Brachiosaurus

Brachiosaurus, meaning “arm lizard” gets its name from disproportionately long front legs giving it an upright, giraffe-like posture. The warm blooded Brachiosaurus lived in the late Jurassic Period, 154 - 150 Million years ago. It is known as the tallest dinosaur - towering up to 50 feet tall and their extraordinary  weight (32 - 64 tons) restricted their maximum speed to 10 miles per hour.

Brachiosaurus fossil remains have been found in Utah and other western States - specifically in the Morrison Formation. 

The Tectonic Toy Brachiosaurus design is based on the notion that scientists don’t fully agree how Brachiosaurus bent over to drink or eat - considering their ultra-heavy mass. It is not agreed how the Brachiosaurus hips opened when it squatted. Perhaps outward like a crocodile, or backwards like a flamingo. 

Our design is a fun mechanical way for the Brachiosaurus to lower its center of gravity, bend over, and use its tail as a counterweight. The Tectonic name is a reference to the geological plates that were in different locations on the earth during Brachiosaurus tenure in the Jurassic Period. Tectonic is also a reference to the exposed components that illustrate the toy’s movement. This articulating toy uses parallelograms to control motion. The parallelogram has the wonderful ability to collapse and change shape, which is why it is used in numerous mechanisms including excavators, steering assemblies, scissor lifts, or liftgates.

The Tectonic Brachiosaurus comes as a kit of parts.  It is not a motorized toy.

For ages 13 and up. Warning: Contains small parts, sharp edges - not for children less than 3 years.

Assembled dimensions: 3.5"(w) x 18(l) x 13"(h). 

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